Who We Are

Palaash (Puh-lah-sh) noun

Latin name Buteamonosperma, also known as Flame of the Forest. A culturally significant indigenous tree of the Indian subcontinent with red flowers. The Palaash tree was immortalized in poetry by Nobel laureate Rabindranath Tagore, who saw it as a symbol of spring, renewal and the untapped potential of great things in the making.

Our Story

Conceived in early 2013, Palaash Ventures is an investment firm which seeks for and works with entrepreneurs possessing fierce passion, inner fire and singular ideas. We don't just invest funds in promising ventures, we invest ourselves in their growth.

Our Quest

Our Dream

Our dreams begin with your ambitious ideas. So, if you've got an exciting business proposition to put your enterprise on the map and the fiery drive to see it through, then friend; you’ve arrived. Let's get started.

About Palaash

Our Quest

At Palaash, we strive to continuously identify, support and help build successful enterprises to benefit their stakeholders and the society with ingenious solutions to common problems.

Our Dream

Our Team

  • Piyush Goyal

    Piyush Goyal

    A B.Tech with an MBA, Piyush is touted as an expert in channel distribution. With previous stints in NDTV & Network18, he is also a founding member of DEN Networks. He is a foodie, who cannot live without badminton & reading.

    Piyush Goyal
  • Tapesh Singhi

    Tapesh Singhi

    An MBA with various stints at Network18, ICICI Bank & Wockhardt. A number cruncher with superb skills in planning & execution. Loves Indian food & exploring new places.

    Tapesh Singhi
  • Priya Mukherjee

    Priya Mukherjee

    MBA, Eco (H), and glorious stints at Network18, Discovery, and Sony. Founded DEN in South India & beware with words, this creative writer knows only eight languages!

    Priya Mukherjee
  • Annu Batra

    Annu Batra

    Software engineer with an MBA. Prior to this, she has worked with Network18. Apart from business planning skills & formulating strategies, she is a creative event planner & a ninja at multitasking.

    Annu Batra
  • Praveen Garg

    Praveen Garg

    An ex-Network18, Praveen has worked with various banks in his career. He is a number cruncher, music lover and is fond of exploring new places.

    Praveen Garg
  • Deepak Mishra

    Deepak Mishra

    A certified IT personnel, Deepak holds a masters in yoga and is certified instructor for it. He is also a National level cricket player and College level kabaddi player who also is great at planning events.

    Deepak Mishra
  • Vamadev M.

    Vamadev M.

    Prior work stint includes DEN networks. He is also a good singer and dancer.

    Vamadev M.

What We Do

Palaash is young, energetic and sector agnostic. We work closely with a new breed of entrepreneurs to
foster and promote existing businesses, start-ups or cutting edge ideas with the potential to uniquely solve commonplace,
simple problems that can make a difference in the lives of others.

As an entrepreneur you are growing a tree.
We are here to help you achieve the untapped potential of your ideas. We assist you, nurture your idea and
care for your vision, enabling your sapling to blossom into a Palaash tree that can weather any storm. We're not just
looking for ambitious ideas and big returns. Our focus at Palaash is to leverage our business leadership and operating
expertise to add value to your company's performance and growth.
We don't just want to do this as your investors but we strive to do it as your colleagues and friends.

A critical requisite for a company seeking to work with us is that they should be able to work closely and
vigorously together with us: creating an equal, synergistic partnership where all the stakeholders benefit, rather than a
top-down funding programme where only the investors do.

Our Partnership Criteria

We invest ourselves in the big ideas of small start-ups.
Our selection process for partnership focuses on a few important requirements:

Team get its hand dirty

The idea is backed by a robust execution team with relevant expertise. A team that is willing to get into the trenches and work till they fulfill their vision.

Open to close and vigorous partnership

We invest more than just money into your business. We invest our time, efforts and expertise to ensure that your company scales new heights. However, to materialize this, it is important that you have the same belief.

Singular idea

The solution offered has an innovative and disruptive value proposition. The solution is unique and has the potential to truly differentiate itself from its competitors.

Potential to do good business

The company has the acumen to turn an idea into a full-fledged business and the ability to earn a decent amount of profit from it. The company should also address a large market size and should have the potential to capture a substantial share of it.

Our Investments

  • SIS Group Enterprises

    SIS Group Enterprises

    SIS Group provides holistic security solutions and business support services to wide range of customers.
    *Investment was made by promoter in his individual capacity.

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  • Voxapp


    Voxapp is a mobile sampling company with a SaaS technology platform for mobile survey creation, administration, deployment and data collection.

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  • Ecosense


    Ecosense offers a unique concept of providing complete solutions for education and training in renewable energy to technical Institutions.

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  • Safe Harvest

    Safe Harvest

    Safe Harvest aims to bridge the gap between the retailers who sense the rising demand for safe food and the social organizations that hold the supply.

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  • Travel Khana

    Travel Khana

    Travel Khana brings you the most sumptuous and finger licking food range right on your seat while you're travelling, making your journeys more pleasurable.

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  • SilverPush


    SilverPush is a San Francisco,California based company which eases the process of targeted advertising on mobiles with its proprietary re-targeting technology.

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  • Teewe


    Teewe is an HDMI Dongle which streams content seamlessly to your Television via an application on your smart phone.

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  • Tripoto


    Tripoto is a social network/community for travelers solving the travel inspiration and planning problem via rich, interactive user generated content & itineraries.

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  • Greymeter


    Greymeter connects corporate with the finest students in India where they solve practical problems, win rewards, build resume and discover career opportunities.

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  • Satvacart


    Satvacart is Gurgaon's largest online supermarket. They deliver all your household needs at your doorstep at the time you want.

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  • Logicroots


    Logic Roots reinventing how kids practice Math globally.

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  • JustRide


    Revolutionizing the world of car rentals by linking people to the vehicles of their choice.

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  • Pickrr


    Use Pickrr to send your stuff flawlessly without any worries. They pick, pack and deliver.

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You can be a part of the family too!

How to Partner

We believe that success is guaranteed by the same two things that determine the growth of a Palaash tree:
nature and nurture. If you're passionate and have the drive to grow, you have the nature aspect covered.
We’re here to help you with the nurture part.

We strive to provide great start-ups with all they need to succeed. From mentoring, access to capital,
knowledge & resources, to operational guidance and infrastructural support – we can help.
We assist budding entrepreneurs convert their raw ideas into strong business plans.
In short, we join you at the start and stay with you until your tree blossoms.

Join us on our journey

Plan Status

Include an executive summary of your business (5 pages and 2.5MB max, in Word or PDF format only).
* Please do not include any confidential information in your submission.

We're Here

At Palaash, we love to meet and work with passionate people. We are waiting to work for your big ideas.
Please do not hesitate to drop us a message. We'll be with you shortly.


First floor, 38, Okhla Industrial Estate-III
New Delhi – 110 020

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